and if i recover, will you be my comfort?

Hello there. I'm Chelsea Lee. I'm 23 years young, vegetarian, mother of a bouncing 3 year old girl, and part-time Batgirl. I live with Noah's Ark and a dick named Holden. Holla at me.
Love Actually | 10 Years in the FUTURE | Closed

"Hear the sound, the angels come screaming," a small brunette hummed, running a hand through her hair. Paint was dried in her hair, half of it frizzy from her constant fidgeting with it. "Down your voice, I hear you’ve been bleeding. Make your choice," she continued singing, closing the comic in front of her. "Momma! What’s this?" a small voice called out from a rack of comics.

Chelsea chuckled, stepping out from behind the counter. “That, Cassie, is your Uncle Luke’s comic,” she smiled, looking down at the little girl. It was almost… Odd to her how her life was now. She was married, had a daughter, and beat her habit. At twenty-one, she never thought she’d make it past twenty-four. Yet here she was.

Cassie nodded and grinned. “I wanna be like him, Momma,” she announced, before taking off again to the rack of batman comics. Like mother, like daughter.

The ring of the door made the now thirty-one year old spin around, ready to announce her usual greeting before she noticed who it was.

"Parker!" she smiled, walking to him and hugging him tightly. "We were waiting for you." Cassie nodded, latching onto his leg. "I missed you Daddy!" she giggled, smiling up at him.

Yep, this definitely was nothing Chelsea Lee-Wyatt had in mind as a young adult.

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